Please see our Install Guide if you need help installing Combined Board View

Yes, ALL Boards

You can pick a few boards to load, or click “Use All Boards” to grab everything!

This is enabled by default, but feel free to toggle it off if there’s just a few boards you’re interested in.

Click any column header to filter

Try filtering by tasks that you own.

Pro tip: here you can see “Owner” and “Person” as separate columns - it’s common to have a different column in each board that defines the owner of a task (“Owner”, “Person”, “Assigned”, etc.). Consider renaming columns with the same purpose to have the same name.

Hidden Columns

Combining all those boards will result in a lot of columns. The first 15 columns are shown by default, but you can hide/show any columns you’d like. Just click any column header and click “Hide” to hide it, or click “Show” to look for any columns you’d like to see.

Edit Inline

You can edit item names inline - just hover over the name and a pencil will appear, click it and start typing.

You can also edit person, status, and number based fields inline.

Save a View

Once you’ve got your filters just how you want them, you can save it for later.

Share a View

You can share your saved views with whomever you’d like. Just find the saved view and click “Share”. You can share with everyone, your team, or choose a few individuals.

A final note

Over time, you’ll add and remove boards and change columns. Combined Board View will detect these changes, but it’s not always immediate. If you’d like these changes to show up sooner, just click into settings, click “Clear Cache”, and reload your browser tab.

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