Combined Board View Pro

Install Guide

This install guide will help you get started with CBV Pro. If you have any questions or would like a demo, please reach out to us by emailing us at:

Step 1:Install the app

Make sure you are signed in to your account then click the link below and choose "All Workspaces", then click the "Install" button at the bottom of the page.

Step 2:Create a new dashboard

Step 3:Name your dashboard

Your board can either be Main or Private. CBV Pro will work either way.

Step 4:Add 1 board to your dashboard

It doesn't matter what board you pick. just requires 1 board to be connected to a dashboard.

Step 5:Add CBV Pro to your dashboard

Wait for the "+ Add widget" button to turn blue, then you can click on it.

Step 6:Search for Combined Board View

Use the search bar or click the "Installed Apps" on the left side to find Combined Board View Pro then click "Add widget".

Step 7:Authenticate with

This will allow CBV Pro to pull your data from your boards.

Step 8:Click "Authorize"

Step 9:Pick the boards to combine

Depending on what plan you are on, your limits will be different. Select the boards you want to combine then click "next".

Step 10:Select columns you want to see

You will see all the available columns from all the boards you picked to combine. Select the columns you want to see when CBV Pro loads. You can add or remove columns whenever you want.

Step 11:Start using your data

You can use Filters to see the data you want to see then save it as a View to be able to quickly switch back and forth between different sets of filtered data.